:checkbox selector in jQuery

$(‘:checkbox’) is equivalent to $(‘[type=checkbox]’). As with other pseudo-class selectors (those that begin with a “:”) it is recommended to precede it with a tag name or some other selector; otherwise, the universal selector (“*”) is implied. In other words, the bare $(‘:checkbox’) is equivalent to $(‘*:checkbox’), so $(‘input:checkbox’) should be used instead.


var input = $(“form input:checkbox”).wrap(‘<span></span>’) .parent().css({ background: “yellow”, border: “3px red solid” });

$(“div”).text(“For this type jQuery found “ + input.length + “.”).css(“color”, “red”);

$(“form”).submit(function () { return
false; }); // so it won’t submit



Example 2


function () {

$(‘input[type=”checkbox”]’).click(function () {

if ($(this).is(“:checked”)) {

alert(“Checkbox is checked.”);


if ($(this).is(“:not(:checked)”)) {

alert(“Checkbox is unchecked.”);





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